Dolomite peak on a sunny day View of the mountains that surround Cortina Panoramic point with beautiful view of Cortina and the mountains Lifts in the snow-covered landscape Panorama of Cortina and the snow-covered mountains
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Skiing in Cortina or hiking in the Dolomites? Our holiday ideas

Breathtaking panoramas, fun, and... sophistication

Skiing in Cortina in winter and hiking in the Dolomites in summer will be like immersing yourself in a film, surrounded by these amazing mountains, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cortina, called "The Pearl of the Dolomites", is the only Italian location that is part of the prestigious group "Best of the Alps", which includes 12 of the best tourist locations in the Alps. It is the ideal destination for those who love mountains and unspoiled nature but at the same time wish to experience the sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere of the center of the country, able to attract guests from all over the world thanks to its elegance and energy.

A bit of history...

Cortina, located 1,224 m above sea level, is a town with about 6,000 inhabitants. Its tourist development started in the late 1800s when it was still part of Austria (until 1918) and was a popular holiday destination for explorers such as the Viennese Paul Grohmann and Englishman John Ball, and for the nobility throughout Europe, the most noted of which were King Albert of Belgium and the Hungarian Baroness Von Eotvos. Along with local Alpine guides, they challenged themselves with the numerous Alpine ascents that you can still follow today. A strong tourism impetus then came in 1956 when Cortina hosted the Winter Olympics, which made it even more famous around the world.

Nature, sports, and a healthy lifestyle!

Camping Olympia, located 3 km north of Cortina in the quiet location of Fiammes is surrounded by a red pine and larch forest on the outskirts of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. This makes it an ideal starting point for numerous outdoor activities in every season.

In summer, for example, you can take long walks along Pian de Ra Spines, bicycle along the dedicated paths, or enjoy more spectacular activities like hiking in the Dolomites or engaging the Strobel climbing route at the Fiammes point or the equipped path at the Fanes Waterfalls. But there are many more sports activities you can enjoy:

  • walks;
  • excursions;
  • Nordic walking;
  • jogging and trail running;
  • mountain biking and road biking;
  • climbing routes;
  • classic and sports rock climbing.

In winter, the fact that Camping Olympia is so close to the cross-country ski area (75 km long!), makes it the ideal starting point for those who love the idea of skiing in Cortina or for those who prefer snowshoe excursions among virgin landscapes. There are many other winter activities for which Cortina is famous. There is much to choose from:

  • alpine skiing and snowboarding (120 km of slopes);
  • cross-country skiing (75 km of trails);
  • snowshoeing;
  • ski mountaineering and freeride;
  • sleigh riding;
  • climbing routes in winter;
  • climbing frozen waterfalls.

To enjoy your holiday in Cortina and discover the breathtaking landscapes in the surrounding area, Alpine guides are available and recommended for those who are taking their first steps in the mountain and also for those who are more expert. The guides will help you safely discover all the beautiful possibilities that Cortina has to offer.